Monday, September 18, 2006

As you can see the blog is pretty much dead. Been back for a while and i don't feel the need to communicate as much, now that i can communicate with almost anyone. Yeah, that' s me taking a piss on a hay bale next to the TransCanada Highway in Alberta. Hey, i had to go. Just started a job at a call center with C. I figured three months of unemployment was enough. The five weeks of required training is absolutely mind numbing. I watched the movie Lost in Translation last night and it got me longing for travel and new experiences. Seeing the intersection at Shibuya again was really interesting. I really want to return to that part of the world and escape the monotony of my Western life.

In other news we never heard from the director again he said he would call after a month, but never did. Either they don't need us or don't want us. Not sure how i feel either way.

Friday, July 07, 2006



Photo match?

Friday, June 23, 2006



Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Thailand is awesome. Weather is great. Hotel is fantastic. Had lizards in the hotel room last night. That was fun. C is scared of all the frog, snails and lizards around the hotel. Going for a Thai massage today. Will post pics/update more when we get home. I need to do this every year.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Well I been thinking 'bout the future
I'm too young to pretend
It's such a waste to always look behind you
Should be lookin' straight ahead

Yeah, I'm gonna have to move on
Before we meet again
Yeah it's hard
If you had have only seen

'Cause every once in a while
You think about if your gonna get yourself together
You should be happy just to be alive
And just because you just don't feel like comin' home
Don't mean that you'll never arrive

They called it "failure to launch" in the shitty movie of the same name. We're still in Wonju until tomorrow since there's no teacher to take our apartment yet and we needed to finish packing. Yesterday was a blur. Trying to get the tests in and marked left me rushing all day. It didn't really hit us until the end. As i was handing over folders to my Korean partner teacher we were ambushed by the other teachers and a few of our students we had all year. Our student's parents had bought us gifts and i even hugged Robert, as awkward as that was. It all hit C pretty hard . She was soon a mess of tears. The gifts and goodbyes were unexpected and felt sincere. As we headed out the door the director came out to tell me i was a good teacher. That was nice to hear, since i've doubted my abilities the entire time. We made a plan to see everyone on the 12th or 13th when we come back this way before heading home.

After work i went to the bank to pick up some cash before going to Seoul. I ran into some of our students on the way back. Their mothers were with them, and since they don't speak English they had there children translate an invite to supper. We met up with them a little later along with the director's wife and had some delicious beef. I really enjoyed interacting with the children outside of class, outside of the teacher role. It was a nice send off that we hope to do again someday. Off to Seoul tomorrow, then Thailand. Back to Korea on the 12th, then home on the 14th. We'll see some of you soon.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

One down (under), two to go (soon). Teachers, that is.

After sitting on my classes on Monday, one of the new teachers was nowhere to be found Tuesday. Apparently my wild classes and my blunt honesty about our frustrations over the last year sent her home packing. Not everything i said was bad, but the lack of communication from the other teachers didn't help i'm sure. No one told the new teachers a gathering was planned for that evening. At the gathering, as usual, the Koreans sat around talking to each other. They didn't attempt to engage the new arrivals much. Some basic communication skills would really help this hagwon.

After the new arrivals left few stragglers sat around drinking for a bit. To my surprise Julia showed up to say goodbye. While other people expressed there goodbyes in words, she showed hers on her face. As we were saying goodbye on the street, she burst into tears. We don't speak anywhere near the same language, but she will be the one i miss the most.

Monday, May 29, 2006

To quote Peter and Lawerence from Office Space: "Fuckin' 'A'." Too bad we'll be in Thailand for the finals. :(

Went to Seoul and sold some stuff and bought a suitcase big enough to fit a good sized body inside. Now maybe C's irrational packing fears will be eased. Whenever i have tried to calm her fears she would just get more pissed off. Damned if you do...

Forgot the most important part of the work i have left to do before we go home at work this weekend. Fuck. I'll have no time to show the new teachers around before work tomorrow. Maybe C can take both of them. I still have to write a test to write for Tuesday, on top of my syllabi that were due last Thursday, on top of the folders i have to finish. Once again, fuck.